Sunday, December 16, 2007

tree & other holiday prep

Thursday night, I wandered out to the living room after putting L down and found that my DH had put up our tree and strung lights all over the living room! It was a very nice surprise.

On Friday, the boys and I pulled out the decorations and decorated the tree. Each ornament on our tree has a story, and I love them all. This year, I got C a dragon and N a horse as their 2007 ornament. C especially has been very interested in the fact he was born in the Chinese year of the dragon, so the ornaments went along with that. (N was born in the year of the horse, L in the year of the pig.)

I have to wrap the presents for my parents and get them in the mail tomorrow, and I plan to wrap family presents on Tuesday when my Christmas angel watches the boys (we had to cancel the first time because of illness, she & her mom forgot last week -- so we'll see her this week.)

All the shopping is done! The kids will visit Santa tomorrow, and I'll start making cookie dough this week for a big baking session on Saturday with my sister. I think we're planning on 5 different kinds of cookies.

I looked back at last year's posts this week and realized that this is the week we found out that L was a girl :) I remember how excited the boys were that they would have a sister, and that excitement has remained. She giggles in anticipation of their interactions when she sees or even just hears them come into the room.

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