Thursday, January 26, 2006

murder in the neighborhood

Well, now I'm not sure it was IN our neighborhood, but it was definitely close by.

When we went out the door yesterday, a flyer fluttered in. The boys are always outraged that people PUT THINGS ON OUR DOOR, so we dealt with that for a minute. I glanced at it quickly, and the word "murdered" leapt out at me. So, I strapped the boys into the van and read the paper. It quoted a news article that said that 2 young men were arrested after killing a man when they called him to show them a rental property IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. It quoted a "homeowner" from Lot 34 (who the heck knows what our lot numbers are anymore? We only cared when we chose the lot to build on) who said he was worried and then 1/2 the sheet was about this great deal for concealed handgun training. There were some warning bells going off, but I was also freaked at the thought 2 men were trolling in our neighborhood and called the number from a rental sign and then waited around for the guy to kill him!

SO, I read this and call my husband and leave this crazy message how I want the garage door fixed (it's broken and doesn't lock. Hasn't worked for about 6 months now.) AND I want a security door on our front door. And I want him to stop leaving the garage door open. And I think I might want to get another dog because someone could shoot one dog, but if we have 2, then the chances are better that at least one dog will be able to attack.

(Aside here about my hubby -- My husband is the MOST TRUSTING SOUL you'll ever meet. He would never lock a door if I didn't remind him. He is always leaving our garage door wide open "just in case we go back out". He leaves keys in our cars all the time. If you think nothing bad has happened to him - you'd be wrong. He's had cars stolen, cars vandalized, witnessed a murder, been arrested for false reasons, etc. but he's still an amazingly trusting person. Some might say dumb - but it was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. ) ANYWAY,

he calls back and is appropriately concerned and promises to take care of all the things, and reminds me that I have been vehemently opposed to a 2nd dog for years.

I call the number on the flyer, expecting that it is for the quoted "homeowner". It's not - it's just the place that does the weapons training. I want to ask this guy more questions, but since I'm in the van, and C hears and processes every thing that comes from my mouth, I can't.

When I get home later, I do some research and find out that there was a murder - if not directly in our neighborhood, within 3 miles. BUT, these men were not trolling the neighborhood. They were actually targeting the man they killed. I know it's still horrible that the man is dead, but there is some sense of relief that it wasn't our neighborhood targeted. And, I'm still concerned about our safety! We'll be getting a security door in the next couple weeks and the garage door is locked at the moment. It can't be opened easily, but I don't really care right now.


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    I agree with Jennifer. But you always have to be careful.

  2. Unfortunately, I found out that the murder was definitely in our neighborhood - about a block away. In a neighborhood of 77 houses, that's pretty creepy. We would've known sooner if I was more friendly to our neighbors . . . but, well, that's another story.


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