Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2nd day

We didn't make it to the barber yesterday. Actually, we did - but there was a long wait and it would have meant not having much time at the museum, so we decided to come back today.

We got there around 11, ended up waiting over an hour before the boys were taken. They were very good though - much better than 2 other children that were WHINING non-stop, as well as their mother, while the father/husband got his hair cut. Thankfully, they were gone about 1/2 way into our wait.

I called B because there was a notice on our door about a murder - IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD - and I was freaked out. We decided to meet for lunch since he had 6 hours between calls today.

We ended up meeting near the Mesa Southwest Museum, (see my picture blog for pics of yesterday) so we went back today with B. The boys love it there, and C really loved showing his dad around the place. They had a few new exhibits from the last time he visited, so it was fun for him, too.

Then, home again - after 5! Dinner soon, baths, books, and bedtime hopefully before 10PM tonight!

I'm thinking about the zoo tomorrow -- and Friday we have a playdate scheduled for the afternoon. Unfortunately, C doesn't really care for the little boy - he much prefers his older sisters - but they'll be at school. I, however, really like the mom and would like to develop a friendship with her - so we're talking about compassion and helping other kids learn new games, etc. I think he's a little delayed, so C gets frustrated. He's older than N, but much less verbal, which makes it hard on the kids. I may be selfish, but I keep telling myself it's a good learning opportunity.

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