Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 in review

Among a variety of trips to the zoo, playdates, trips to the botanical gardens, trips to the SW Museum, trips to the Museum of Youth, trips to the pool and trips to the park . . . here are some additional highlights for 2005:

Jan - C took swimming lessons, went to Zoo Lights

Feb - K from Milwaukee visited, trip to CA for Lennox meeting - beaches . . . ahhhhh, C took swimming lessons, B turned 36, painted bedroom 2 shades of blue

Mar - Saw the Heffalumps (N's first movie theatre visit), St. George's Mom's Group started meeting, Kids St. Patrick's Day party, I had root canal (only the beginning of extensive dental work needed - maybe this year we will have the $), C took swimming lessons

April - apparently nothing extra-special happened in April?

May - bought new minivan, B went to Ohio, B started racquetball leagues, N turned 3

June -- Boys took tumbling, N took swimming, our dog, J, got sick, Dbacks game w/boys

July -- Tumbling for both, N swimming lesssons

August -- C played t-ball, B went to Milwaukee for D's retirement party

Sept -- N played soccer, saw Winnie the Pooh Live, attended another Dbacks game

October -- went on the Mexican Riviera cruise!!!!, B lost his job, Boys started Desert Botanical Gardens preschool, my parents visit, bought new pick up, kids Halloween party

November - B paints boys room & puts up wild animal mural, B quits teaching at RSI, C turned 5, I turned 38

December - went to Luminarias at the Gardens, B goes to OK to visit York, attended an amateur production of the Nutcracker Ballet, B starts working for Sears, boys get bunk beds, C has major asthma attack (first serious one in 18 months)

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