Tuesday, January 31, 2006



We started back to the preschool classes offered by the Desert Botanical Garden. The woman who teaches them does a wonderful job, and my boys enjoy the time spent there. It's only 90 minutes, once a week - but it's a fun diversion and they learn new stuff each week.

Today was the first class of the spring session. Some of the same kids were back from the fall, and a few new ones. The class requires that parents/caregivers be involved, which works because the class is made up of 3-5 year olds.

One of the new students isn't yet 3. It was obvious she wasn't ready for this type of activity, but since her grandma is there to care for her, it doesn't take much away from the rest of the class (other than tuning out her temper tantrums and tears). BUT, she had this horrible, wet, nasty cough. AND SHE DIDN'T COVER HER MOUTH. I physically moved Colin away from her the first time she did it and the grandmother was oblivious - asking her "oh, do you need a drink?" This was NOT some dry, tickle in the throat cough. This was a phlegm-filled, germ-ridden cough.

I tried to keep Colin away from her, but multiple times over the remaining time she ended up near him. And COUGHING. And the grandmother never prompted her, or helped her cover her mouth. How rude is that?

I absolutely have no patience for people who have no respect for those around them and insist on inflicting SICK children on the rest of the population. Sometimes, at the grocery store, I can understand - you might not have any choice. But, this class is a totally optional thing. If the kid is sick, STAY HOME.

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