Thursday, January 12, 2006

another day, more tissues . . .

The boys are still coughing and have runny noses -- BUT, they are up and playing and not running fevers!! Thankfully, I think by next week they should be back to their usual, healthy selves! yea!

I posted a while back that I was succumbing to the icks, but a good sleep most of that day seemed to have kept it away. Today, though, I feel the tickle in my throat, the achy head, startings of a cough. UGH. I am taking mega doses of Vitamin C, glugging Sambucol, wearing warm socks and sipping hot tea. It would really stink if the boys are completely better and I end up sick. Let's hope that if I do get it, it's mild.

B is off to Payson today for a sales call. I had a horrid dream last night that he was murdered. It was very odd - we were part of the mafia or something; and we were all on a cruise. One morning I woke up and couldn't find him, and one of the other men pulled me aside and told me that I knew it was coming. Apparently they had thrown him overboard during the night. How bizzare is that?

Of course, I didn't tell him! Then, this morning I read that another man had been shot & killed on the highway in what they think was a road rage incident. I worry that he spends so much time driving the highways.

All I can do is say some extra prayers.

Dear God, keep him safe.
I pray for safety in his travels this day.
I pray for sunshine to light his way.
I pray for a journey that is incident free.
I pray for patience for all travelers and him.
I pray for rest at the end of his drive.
I pray for clear roadways until he arrives.
I pray for all on the roads today.
Thank you, Oh Lord, for a safe journey's end.

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