Saturday, April 14, 2012

Technique Restaurant Review

On Friday, Bo and I went out for lunch. I made the reservations almost 3 months ago -- so even though we were busy and had things going on, I wasn't going to cancel! It's important to make time one-on-one, so at the very least you can enjoy a conversation not interrupted by small children.

We have visited Technique before, so we knew what to expect. It's a restaurant staffed entirely by culinary students--both front of the house and back.  It's a course required for their degree, so they aren't paid for their work.  They are, however, graded on their performance.

Because of that, they limit the number of reservations pretty dramatically, especially at the beginning of rotations.

For lunch, you choose 3 courses (all ordered at the same time.)  For our first course, we ordered a caprese salad and a watermelon/arugula salad.  For our second course, Bo ordered short ribs, while I ordered salmon.  For the final course, Bo had cheesecake, while I savored pot de creme.

The food is delicious.  You are warned that the service may be slow, but that hasn't been our experience in our visits.

We haven't been for dinner yet, but dinner is 4 courses.  Not including drinks, lunch is $10 (yep!  All that gourmet cuisine for only $10) and dinner is $15.  They add a 15% gratuity to each bill, which goes directly to students' scholarship fund.  You are also asked to complete a short survey at the end of your meal, rating service and food.

It's a wonderful experience in downtown Scottsdale, and a wonderful deal as well. If you don't mind waiting for your visit, I would make a reservation right away!

Here are some pictures of our lunch:

*Disclosure: I wrote this review just because we really enjoyed lunch. No PR firm approached me, and we paid for it from our own pockets.*

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