Sunday, April 15, 2012

Facebook Page

Are you on Facebook?  Billions of people are, so I'm sure you are as well.  For some reason, I resisted starting a Facebook page for this blog.

I found myself ignoring information from some PR firms, just because it didn't really fit the blog or because I didn't have time to write a full post.  One thing I realized is that if I set up a Facebook page, I could share more of the discounts, specials and information that I received from sources without necessarily writing a full post.

I also realized that Facebook is a great place to update people about my recent posts.  If you were my personal friend on Facebook, you would see the blog post links.  That, however, left out most of my readers!  So, I decided to transition posting links to recent posts to a dedicated Facebook page and off of my personal page.

I would appreciate it if you would hit "LIKE" over on Facebook for My Little Patch of Sunshine.   I promise not to fill your feed with tons of junk -- just links to posts as they go live and the things that I think would be useful or informative that don't make it to a full blog post.

Thanks for reading!!

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