Monday, July 26, 2010

Wiggles! US Tour Kicked Off in Phoenix!

Our amazing "2010 Summer of Fun" continued with an afternoon that started with an Arizona Diamondbacks game and finished with a Wiggles concert!

The Wiggles kicked off their US tour yesterday in Phoenix, AZ after the Diamondbacks game at Chase Field. We were lucky enough to attend thanks to Sprout TV.  Not only did we receive tickets, but we received VIP tickets, which allowed us to watch the concert from the field!

The boys were most happy about attending the Diamondbacks game, but Lydia was very good sitting through the game and waiting for The Wiggles.  I think she's going to grow up loving sports! She's always game to watch her brothers play, and sits through professional games with no problem!

After the game ended (we lost to the San Francisco Giants by one run), we headed down to the field.

I took Colin to a Wiggles concert when he was 2 years old (so almost 8 years ago now!) because he absolutely adored the Wiggles. The group (with one new member since that time) still has the same amazing high energy and infectious laughs that I remember. We listened to The Wiggles so often that Bo & I remembered all the words to the songs they sang.

Nate got into the fun of the concert, too, and was happily dancing and singing along with the crowd. Colin refused to acknowledge that it was fun, but stood around stoically until it was over.  For the rest of us, however, it was great fun!! It brought back warm memories of when my boys were little and all the days we spent singing and dancing to the Wiggles.

Lydia wanted to meet them all and shake their hands.  Luckily, Murray came into the crowd close enough to us at one point so she was able to meet him.  She was disappointed that she wasn't able to shake all their hands, but was pretty pleased with meeting Murray.

Lydia (on Dad's shoulders) meeting Murray.
They sang a number of songs, and interacted well with the crowd. They did their best to move around the stadium to visit everyone who was in the stands as well as those who were on the field.

Captain FeatherSword was always a favorite of Nate's and he was funny as always.  At one point he did a headstand on the stage!

Anthony was always my favorite.
One of the best things about the Wiggles is the fun movements that go along with their songs.  It's never very complicated, so it's easy to pick up and dance along with them. The moves haven't changed in 8 years, so we danced and sang along throughout the concert.

We had an amazing afternoon!  The boys started it with some batting cage practice, then we all watched a good baseball game, finishing it up with The Wiggles.  Lydia wanted to know if she could see them again today, but I had to break it to her that we'd have to stick with DVDs and catching them on Sprout until they came back to Phoenix.

If you'd like to see the Wiggles perform, their U.S. tour schedule can be found here.

*Disclosure: We received tickets for the game and concert from Sprout TV.  I'm glad to be one of their Band of Bloggers!  No additional compensation was provided, and all content is strictly my own.*

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  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Ha! I remember driving around with you in the van listening to the Wiggles at the demand of little boys. So Colin now wants to abandon childish things? Some day, he'll be old enough to be nostalgic about stuff he loved when he was little.


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