Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Kung Zhu Pets

We had an absolutely wonderful afternoon with some new friends and their children. We invited them over to play with Kung Zhu pets.  (You might remember last year when we had the chance to introduce Zhu Zhu pets to our friends. I was thrilled (and grateful) to be asked to throw another party by Mom Select.)  My boys worked hard for a couple hours this morning putting all the tracks and pieces together, then 9 kids were here having a blast playing with the mechanical hamsters and a ton of their gear.

These new Zhu Zhu pets -- the Kung Zhu pets -- are definitely geared to boys (although I'm sure there are plenty of girls who will think they are cool, like my Lydia!) They are split into a ninja group and a special forces military group -- complete with armor, tanks, weapons and battle arenas.

Every single kid in attendance (ranging in age from 3 to 11) thought the pets were very cool and were excited at the chance to play with them. The squeals of excitement filled my house, and made it obvious that everyone had a great time.  These definitely get a thumbs-up in our house.

My only complaint is that the play sets are very large. We don't have the space to leave them set up, and it definitely takes time to put them together and take them apart again. I think the pets themselves are wonderful, though! If you had a big playroom (thinking of my cousin's house when we were kids and the entire basement was a playroom) then that wouldn't be an issue.

After the noise of the party, Colin took the opportunity to show how the play sets fit together and worked with the pets.

*Disclosure: I was sent Kung Zhu pets and play sets by Mom Select and Cepia to faciliate this review and share the toys with some of our friends. No other compensation was provided.  All content is my own.*

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