Sunday, July 25, 2010

Travels for Work

I traveled for work last week again, and since I'm not sick with pneumonia like the last trip, it was better from the start.   I found out that TSA considers maxi dresses a potential security threat, so I was pulled aside for an inspection for the first time ever.  I'll reconsider my traveling outfit next time! 

I also few Southwest Air for the first time. I did pay the extra $20 out of my own pocket for the early boarding opportunity, which got me in the "A" boarding group both ways.  I am glad that I did, as I was able to choose my seat in an empty row and not have to worry about where to stow my carry-on. Other than the uncertainty about boarding and finding a seat, it wasn't different from any other airline I've flown in the past.

I flew into El Paso and then rented a car to drive about 3 hours to be close to the client.  When I picked up my car, they told me that El Paso was expecting hail, but I should miss it.  Instead, I crossed the border into New Mexico into a thunderstorm.  It stormed the majority of the drive, but there wasn't much traffic and it was kinda neat to watch all the lightning strikes.

If I had a little more time, I would have liked to visit a couple of the state parks that were close, but this trip didn't leave time for that. 

The training went well, and my students seemed happy to learn a new piece of software. They were a very nice group of people, and I enjoyed my 2 days with them. 

It was quiet in the hotel at night, though, since it was just me. I will admit that I enjoyed it.  I turned in early my 2nd night there since I knew I had a long day the next day, since I planned to travel home after class ended. 

My drive back to El Paso was thunderstorm-free, and I got some great shots of clouds from the car during my drive.   I missed my iPod adapter, though, because the choices in radio stations wasn't that great.

Everyone at home survived just fine. The hardest part was when I would call home and talk to Lydia, she would be chipper and happy, until she thought I was going to say good-bye.  Then she'd get a catch in her voice and say "Do NOT say BYE yet.  I'm still talking!!"  Then, I'd get a catch in my voice and continue talking to her.  Thankfully, my sister is here and able to help out in the evenings when Bo needed to run a late call.

We were running errands yesterday with my sis and we were talking about Texas.  Lydia said that my sister did NOT want to go there because my other work was there.  We figured out that she meant that we both couldn't be gone and she was afraid that if Jane went to Texas and I went back to Texas for work, Jane wouldn't be here to help care for them.

Bo spent about 15 hours on Saturday putting in a new air conditioning unit for my parents' rental property, and is back there again this morning.  He'll be home in a few though as we have plans to attend the Diamondbacks game (and Wiggles concert) this afternoon.

I'm glad to be home, but I'm also interested to see where work will take me next!

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