Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: Goodbyn Lunch Boxes

For the past few years, the boys attended an enrichment program one day a week.  The program offered hot lunch, and the boys often chose to purchase lunch on the days they went.

When we signed up for Open Gym, they had to bring their lunch each day.  We had a couple older lunch boxes, but I wanted something different.  I had seen bento-style boxes, and the more I looked at different choices, the more I liked the Goodbyn

The boys each chose their color (Lydia did, too -- she has a purple one) and we waited for them to arrive.

One of the things I liked about the Goodbyn was that the cover sealed tightly and the different compartments were each sealed because of the design. That meant that we didn't need to buy baggies for their food!  That is great because not only does it save money, but it also saves on waste.  (Unless you're my sweet husband.  It was hard for him to break the habit of packing things in baggies and then placing in the Goodbyn.  We're working on it, though, and were just so grateful that he packed lunches that I only mentioned it a couple times.)

The boxes came with a huge roll of stickers for decoration. I admit that I was leery about the stickers -- how long would they last?  The picture above was taken at the end of 6 weeks of constant use and not one sticker came unglued, even after daily washing. They are dishwasher-safe, but I always rinsed ours out and let them dry in the dish drainer.

Each child had a great time personalizing and decorating their boxes with the stickers included. They decorated both outside and inside of the lid, as well as the bottom.

A 8.5 oz plastic bottle (in the same color as the box) is included. I filled these about 3/4 with water and froze them each night. When I packed them in their box in the morning, it helped keep their lunches cooler and they  had cold water to drink by lunchtime.  Again, I was worried about leaks.  They are designed so well that we never experienced one leak!

I read some reviews that the tops were difficult to seal properly, but neither I nor the boys had any trouble sealing the lids on ours. We started in the middle, as suggested at their website, and then moved outwards to the edges. It was easier to seal than some Tupperware I have.

Another advantage?  They're completely recyclable when you're done using them! Oh! And they are completely BPA-free and contain none of those nasty phthalates or lead or anything that might be dangerous.  AND they are made in the USA!

My only wish? Silverware options that fit in easily. I am sure there are some out there, I just need to do more looking.

The boys start school in a couple weeks, and will continue using these boxes when they don't choose hot lunch. At less than $25, I think they are a great deal!  (Yes, more than a traditional lunchbox -- but you don't need any separate containers or bags, which will equal tremendous savings over a school year.)  You can purchase Goodbyns from Amazon, the Goodbyn website, or some retailers.

*Disclosure: I purchased these from our personal funds, and no contact was made with any PR or the company itself for this review. I used them, liked them, and wanted to share with my readers!*

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