Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heifer International Fundraiser Totals

My boys rocked their fundraiser for Heifer International!  In 6 weeks, they read a total of 6,579 pages!!

Last time we checked in, Colin had read 15 books totaling 2,151 pages.  He added 18 books and 2,731 pages for a grand total of 4,882 pages and 33 books!!   He read more Hardy Boys, some Roald Dahl, and a couple Warriors novels.

Nate had read 6 books, totaling 687 pages.  He added 8 book and 1010 pages for a grand total of:  1,697 pages and 14 books in the last 6 weeks!!  Nate read about cowboys, lots of Calvin & Hobbes, some Spiderman and other superhero books, more jokes books and a couple graphic novels.

We are still gathering donations, but with what we have in hand so far, they met their goals of providing a share of a milk menagerie and a Flock of Hope.  They also have enough to donate a honeybee hive and two shares towards a pig.  We plan on sending in their donation by May 1, and I'll add a post with their final totals after that. 

I admit I didn't expect them to read that much, and I wasn't sure how dedicated they would be after a couple weeks.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how they stayed committed and diligently worked toward their goals.  Nate was very proud to share with others how he was helping others with gifts of animals.

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