Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - Mystery Package

 Yesterday, I posted the picture to the left.  A few weeks ago, I received a box.  I receive many boxes, but usually I'm expecting the boxes I receive.  I didn't recognize where this box originated.

When I opened it, I found this beautifully wrapped package.  My iPhone picture doesn't do the fabric justice.  It is a beautiful green and coral print.  It was wrapped around a medium sized box.

When I opened the packaging, I found a bottle of Febreze's air freshener in a new scent, Thai Dragon Fruit.  The little wooden elephant was also included, packaged in a gauze bag with a small note about the Thai tradition that elephants are noble beast of special importance. 

I have to say that it is one of the cleverest PR pitches I've received.  The last one from Febreze was a gym bag -- along with a bottle of Sports Febreze fabric freshener.  That was clever, too!  And also extremely useful in a house full of male athletes who are getting stinkier as they get older.

The Thai Dragonfruit scent is lovely.  It's not strong, and doesn't have an odd scent.   It's the perfect thing to spritz down the hallway when we're coming up to boys' laundry day!

They're currently running a sweepstakes for a trip to Thailand so you can see the inspiration behind this new scent.  You can enter until 5/2/10!

Disclosure: I received the package from the clever PR folks for Febreze.  Thanks!


  1. That is awesome!!! :) :) Sounds like a good scent too! I just bought the "Moroccan Market" one [or something like that]. I like that they are coming out with new and interesting scents!

  2. I tried to enter their sweepstakes, but after I hit the submit button, my info gets blanked out and I don't know if they got my submission. Has anyone else had this issue?


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