Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Melville Chair

I've had a few questions about the chair from my recent interview, and I realized that I hadn't posted this video review that Lydia created a couple months ago!

The Melville chair is wonderful for kids, for all the reasons you see in the video.  It's easy to carry, it's versatile, it's cute, it's sturdy! Lydia claimed it as her chair the day it arrived in our home, and she has used it daily ever since (we got it in January.)

What I especially liked about the chair is the fact that it is made from formaldehyde free plywood and stained with non-toxic, low VOC finishes.  Each chair is made completely in Olympia, WA by Hatched Eggr's, and all materials are sourced within 100 miles of their shop!  It's a wonderful green product, that is made entirely in the USA, and kids love it!  It's the perfect gift for any toddler.

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