Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Edible Gifts Plus

I'm getting ready to share some great Mother's Day gifts on Sonoran Living this week. In preparation, I have been receiving some wonderful things to show during my segment. I'll link to the video later this week, but I wanted to share one of the companies a few days early.

I received a couple boxes from and was blown away by how great they were!  I received this huge fortune cookie, a cookie to-do list, personalized photo graham crackers, a flour pizza and this amazing bouquet of chocolate flowers. These items all look cute in the pictures, but they don't do justice to how wonderful they are in person!

Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these treats!  (In fact, I'm going to give a couple to my mom because I'm lucky enough that she is visiting this week.)

The price is very fair, and the quality is outstanding.  Now that I've seen them in person, I will definitely send gifts from this site in the future.

I haven't tried any yet, because I want them to be intact for Thursday's appearance, but we'll try them after that, and I'll be sure to share how they taste.  They were kind enough to let me keep the yummy treats!

Disclosure: I received free samples of these food items for review.

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