Monday, June 01, 2009

Money Saving Monday #12

I'm headed into another busy week (still searching for balance), but I didn't want to lose my Monday momentum :)

Thankfully, you got all the back story about our addition last week, so I can quickly tell you another money saving tip for remodeling!

Watch your local home improvement store's paint aisles for "oops!" paint. Every wall in our home that we've repainted since moving in (and even the exterior trim) has been "oops!" paint.

This is paint that someone returned, or didn't pick up, so the store marks it down (usually 50%) since it's a pre-mixed, custom color.

It can take months to find paint that works -- but if you're patient -- it'll show up. We check out both Home Depot and Lowe's regularly for paint that may work for us. We've painted both boys' rooms, our bedroom & bath, the living room, the kitchen and the exterior trim.

And, we picked up 2 gallons for our new addition. B did mix in a gallon of white to lighten up the color, but it's on the walls and looks great. It's similar enough to the kitchen walls that it flows nicely.

If they only have one gallon, you can buy another (if needed) and have them match the color. I think we did that for the kitchen. We still saved on the initial gallon, so it was worth it.

And, no, our house isn't all white! The boys have blue, we have 2 shades of blue, our bath is yellow, our living room is 2 shades of tan, as is our kitchen.

Have fun saving money this week! (And, Kraig, I promise to try & get some pictures up later this week!)


  1. How neat! I hope you get those pictures up. I'd love to see them, too :o)

  2. Kraig1:36 PM

    Thank you. I have been horrible and you've been awesome so I can't complain!

  3. I've been helping my mom with all her home renovations and it's amazing how MUCH money you can save. She has this great handy man who installed her bamboo floor and she got her bamboo floor on sale at Home Depot (it was a a steal per sq ft). We also bought a lot of her bedroom accessories on sale and on clearance. I love interior design/decorating projects and even better when you can find a bargain! :) Fun! Congrats on all your fun new house projects!


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