Monday, June 08, 2009

Money Saving Monday #13

In the post below, I showed you how we're coming along on our addition. On Sunday, the tile floor was laid and will be grouted on Tuesday! Yea :)

But, this is "Money Saving Monday" and not "More Space Monday", so I'll get to my tip!

Make the most of everything, and don't assume something needs to be thrown out. In the pictures below, you saw a large opening where our 6 foot sliding glass patio door used to reside. The glass was scratched from our previous dog, but it was not cracked.

Instead of taking it to the dump (or leaving it in the side yard for the next 5 years), I put an ad up on Craigslist and offered the door for sale for $50. Within a few hours, I had at least five emails from people interested in the door. By the next morning, the door was picked up and I had $50 cash in my pocket! The people who bought the door had just cracked one of the glass doors in their own patio door last week, and had been quoted over $400 to replace the glass.

Everyone won! I love the fact that the door will be used and is not sitting in the landfill (or my backyard) and I was able to use the money from the door on decorative tile in our doorway.

If you're remodeling, or just re-arranging, and have things you no longer need - before you put them on the curb or drag them to the dump - consider offering them up on a site like Craigslist!


  1. Wow! That is so awesome, Melanie.

  2. That is a great TIP!!! You should write a blog solely on saving money tips! :)


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