Friday, June 05, 2009

Listen to Me!!

I've been posting over at Moms Love Shopping since late 2008, and have had a wonderful time working with Chele, who is the main mom over there! She's an absolute sweetie, and a dream to work with.

She has started her weekly podcasts again, and I was lucky enough to be her guest this week!! Head on over to this post to listen to me talk about my new Frigidaire refrigerator!

It was so much fun talking with her! I had offered to pay the boys $1 each to watch Lydia while we chatted, but she ended up in the office with me for 90% of the interview. You can hear her in a few spots, and you can hear me huff a bit -- which was because I was trying to keep her quiet and was shifting her from hip to hip.

Oh, well, it was still a blast and I loved having the chance to talk with Chele. Usually everything we do is via email or twitter -- so it was nice to hear her voice.

I'll be posting more details about my refrigerator in the next couple weeks -- it should be delivered soon!

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