Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

If I was a little more organized, I'd have a photo of my dear hubby with each of our children, but here he is the day our youngest was born.

He is a wonderful father who is hands-on, involved and ever-loving. I couldn't have made a better choice in the man to father my babies.

He works tirelessly to care for his family, and strives to be gentle and kind in all his actions.

He is a wonderful example of caring for others, and always taking the time to say hello or helping out another person.

His idea of a perfect Father's Day was to spend the morning building an awning for our back door, and then taking the family to see a family movie and then out to dinner. Back at home, he read to the boys before bed, comforted our daughter when she woke up, and then even went out to pick up Coldstone for the 2 of us after the kids were all in bed.

I knew when I met him he would be a great father. Every day, he shows me again and again just what a fantastic dad he is. Happy Father's Day, honey!

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  1. I don't know how I ever missed this, but that is so sweet!


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