Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Review: American Heart Association CPR Kit

After C was born, DH & I both took an infant/child CPR course so that we would be better prepared. During the 9 years since his birth, we have used the skills we learned a small handful of times on choking children. I am grateful for the class, and always recommend it to new parents.

We have a backyard pool, and I was recently talking to my husband about taking a refresher course. We're both so busy, and I was struggling to find the time to take a class, find childcare, and get our schedules synced. When MomCentral emailed and asked if I'd like to review The American Heart Association's CPR Anytime Kit, I eagerly looked forward to receiving the box.

The box contains a 22 minute dvd and a small, inflatable practice model. DH & I watched the dvd and practiced on the small model. It's nice that some things came back easily, but I'm thrilled for the brush-up! I also shared the dvd and model with 2 other families so that they could also brush up on their skills. And, then I showed it to my boys so they had knowledge and familiarity with CPR.

The first week of June is National CPR & AED Awareness Week. If you order your kits soon, you can host a CPR training in your own home and share the knowledge!

Their website shares some facts, but the first one really jumped out at me.
# About 80 percent of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in private residential settings, so being trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can mean the difference between life and death for a loved one.

Visit the American Heart Association website for information about local classes, as well as links to purchase the At Home Kit.

If you've never taken a CPR class, don't wait any longer! If it's been more than a few years since you took a class, take a refresher, or bring the At Home Kit into your home! You never know when you'll need that knowledge.

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