Friday, May 08, 2009

Me? A New Refrigerator? I'm a Test Drive Mom!

See that refrigerator over there to the left? It's going to be installed in my very own kitchen later this month, thanks to Frigidaire and Mom Central.

I can't tell you how EXCITED I am to be an official "Test Drive Mom" for Frigidaire and their new line of appliances designed to help families save time doing boring household chores.

I will be blogging regularly throughout the summer about my new refrigerator and how it works in our home.

Frigidaire is introducing a new line of appliances today to help moms save time. In fact, they are rolling out a new line of 250 kitchen & laundry appliances - - just in time for Mother's Day!

They recently conducted a survey to learn more about how moms spend their time - and found that moms spend most of their waking hours doing tasks we don't enjoy (200 hours each month!) and the majority of us say that we "rarely" or "never" catch up to household tasks.

So, they designed a line of products to help us save time and spend less time on household chores. They created new features - such as a 6-minute preheat time on their ovens, a dishwashing cycle that takes half as long as previous cycles, larger dryers and washers & dryers that have equal cycle times.

Frigidaire has so much confidence in these products that they're offering a "More Me-Time" Guarantee! Moms will reduce the amount of time spent on housework by at least 8 hours per month (using at least 3 Frigidaire appliances), or they can return the appliances for a full refund within 30 days.

They want to know what you would do with an extra hour in your day? Head over to Frigidaire's website and let them know 5 things you would do wih an extra hour. ALL participants will be entered into a drawing for an entire suite of NEW Frigidaire appliances - plus other prizes! Imagine your kitchen with brand-spanking new stainless steel appliances!

I can't wait for my new refrigerator to arrive. If you're in the market for new appliances, check out the Frigidaire line -- and enter their contest to maybe win your own set!


  1. Congrats!! That fridge looks amazing :)

    I'm on Team Washer/Dryer. This is going to be such a fun campaign!

  2. Congratulations!

    I'm on the washer & dryer team but that fridge looks great too.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! That is awesome! :)


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