Wednesday, May 06, 2009

And she's 2!

A week ago, we celebrated L's 2nd birthday! It's hard to believe that she's 2 years old already - so much of the last 2 years seems a blur to me.

She is our little angel baby! She is the most gregarious of my 3 children, with plenty of spunk and independence. She is extremely verbal, with more words than I can count. At her recent well child visit, the doctor said "Well, 2yo's usually have about 50 words by this time, but I think she's said more than 50 in the 5 minutes I've been in here - so no worries there!"

For a few months, she called both C & N a name that sounded like C's name. And then she started calling them both N's name. In the last week, she has finally started calling them each by their own name, which thrills them. Her big brothers dote on her, and do a wonderful job of playing with her and helping her learn.

She knows most of her body parts, recognizes at least a dozen animals, and wants someone to name every letter she sees. She loves books, and is always asking someone to read to her.

I love watching her learn and process new things. It's such an exciting time in a child's life and I am grateful for the chance to experience it again. She is generous with hugs and kisses and expects plenty in return.

My parents were in town for her birthday, so we were able to have a nice family celebration where she received some princess stuff, a stuffed horse (her latest animal obsession), some Barbies (yes, I know she's young - we made sure there were no choking hazards) and her favorite -- the Rose Petal Cottage. She absolutely adores this cottage (which is much larger than DH anticipated . . . but it's worth it!) She also received the Rose Petal Birthday Celebration set and has had a great time serving us cake throughout the day.

All of her favorites were covered this year - she also received Elmo Live and a new Princess Mix & Match book

I think she had a lovely birthday, and I know I enjoyed celebrating it with her :) Oh - and she had a princess cake -- which I think you can see how happy she was with that!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday "L". :) She is a cutie.


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