Sunday, May 03, 2009

And Life Changes Again . . .

I wrote not that long ago about the job my husband accepted in Boston. We hoped it would be a good financial move for us, and I spent plenty of time planning out life at home without his daily help. He was in Boston for 2+ weeks and while it was challenging, we did pretty darn good.

He came home to celebrate our oldest's First Communion and our youngest's 2nd birthday and realized that he did not want to return. Just as we carefully discussed the decision that he take this job, we also carefully discussed his decision to bow out. It was hard because he felt that he was letting people down, but we realized that it was going to be difficult to be so far apart. (And, to be honest, it didn't appear that the money was there, either. More time may have shown a different outcome, but . . . )

While L didn't seem that bothered while he was gone, she won't let him out of her sight now. Even if we go down different aisles in a store, she calls out loudly "DADDY!!! ARE YOU???" (She doesn't say 'where' yet) And, when he walks out the front door without her, many tears are shed. I'm glad that this won't even be a memory for her, and she'll be used to her dad coming and going regularly.

The boys are absolutely thrilled that their dad is staying home. They were wonderful during his absence, but they adore their father and the time they spend together.

Thankfully, DH has a new job and has already started. Hopefully, it will be a good move and we'll find ourselves in a better financial position by the fall. We're taking another leap of faith, and trusting that all will be well sooner or later.

I'm just glad my husband is home. With me and the kids. Because that's where he belongs.

*The picture is of a stuffed elephant our 6yo sewed for DH a while ago. He took it with him to Boston and sent back pictures of the elephant's adventures.*

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  1. Kraig6:39 AM

    Boston was a little closer... But I'm glad everything is working out and I know you guys will all be much happier.


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