Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Too Busy

Things are moving at a hectic pace around here lately. I'm picking up more classes, learning new software, gaining more writing clients -- on top of the regular stuff of the last few years. I'm focused and determined and holding myself to strict time lines so I can fit everything in.

But? When my 6yo says "Hey, Mom, can I read to you?" I drop everything and say "Absolutely! Let's go to the reading spot right now!" I don't want to stifle his new-found desire to read. When my almost 2yo brings me a book and says "Read! Book! Peeeaaassss!", I drop everything and head to the reading spot and read until she tires of sitting still. When my 8yo says "Hey, Mom! This book is really cool. Can I tell you about it?", I turn away from whatever I'm doing, look him full in the face and say "I would LOVE to hear about the book you're reading!" Then I listen and we talk about the book. Sometimes he'll read me a section.

As a parent, teaching my children to read is one of the things that fills me with pride. I never want to dampen their love of reading, and I'll do what I can to continue fostering that love.

What do you stop everything for in your family?


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Whenever my husband wants a hug, I drop everything. I always have time for a hug!

  2. Good for you for putting the needs of your family first. Children should always be our priority, for as long as we are responsible for them. They are a blessing, and yet so many in todays society view children as an inconvenience.

  3. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Melanie I answered you on facebook but I also thought I like to stop for prayer too I make myself stop somedays put everything down and just spend time with Him in silence


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