Monday, March 09, 2009

trimmed bangs

I took L for a haircut this weekend and she was so funny. She really hates having her hair washed and brushed, and she absolutely won't wear any hair clips or bands -- so I have to keep her bangs trimmed to keep her looking neat.

She sat very still in the hairdresser's chair, but she was NOT happy to be there. She didn't cry, and she didn't squirm, but she would cry out plaintively every few seconds "Money? Ma Ma?" (Money = Bunny which is my sister's nickname. She absolutely adores her Aunt Bunny, and she was with us for the haircut.) Her little face was crunched into a scowl and she did not want to lift her head at all.

The hairdresser was wonderfully patient and trimmed her bangs and evened out the rest of her hair a bit. It looks very cute, and she can see once again without a fringe of hair hanging into her eyes. I have no shots of her new haircut. Hmmm, if she wasn't in bed right now I'd probably snap a couple. I guess I'll try to get to it tomorrow.

The boys are also in desperate need of a haircut, but they have "crazy hair" day this Wednesday at their enrichment program so we're waiting until after that day to get haircuts. They're looking so shaggy that I plan to take them on Thursday . . . no, on Friday because I have appointments on Thursday.

I would like to get my hair highlighted, and cut as well. I really didn't like the last cut I received and am tired of waiting for it to grow out. I keep hoping it gets better the longer it gets, but it just sticks out in more places instead.

Do you take your boys to a barber or do it yourself? DH wants to use the clippers on our boys in the backyard (which is how I cut his hair) but I've always taken them to a barber. It'd save $26 if I could do it in the backyard, but I don't want them to look funny! DH's hair is easy because there isn't much of it left.


  1. We take Eamon and Aine to get their hair cut, but oh, how I wish we just did it in the backyard. Dave is so hesitant to do it, because he thinks it will look bad. We tried once and he convinced himself and Eamon that it didn't work. Then he mentioned how Eamon should be able to get a haircut at the barber if she had hers cut. I say do it in the backyard!

  2. I think the next haircut will be a backyard cut. How hard can it be to buzz a boys' head?


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