Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm feeling sad for my 6yo right now. About a month ago, my oldest had surgery and received gifts in the mail from a few different people. It was sweet, unexpected, and really cheered him! A couple weeks ago, my 6yo broke his toe and has received nothing. And what has broken my heart is that he asked me today "Mom, do people just care about C more?"

I tried to explain to him that it wasn't that at all -- but that people were busy and I was sure they were thinking of him and hoping his toe healed quickly. It's almost ironic that C's surgery actually healed much faster than poor N's toe and he was back to "normal" fairly quickly while N is still hobbling around after 2 weeks.

I do know that people are busy, and since it happened so close together, they may not feel able to send something again. I imagine if the situations were reversed, C might be wondering if people cared about him. It makes me wish, though, that people would do nothing instead of doing for only one. Because when you're 6? It's easy to feel slighted. And, that, once again -- your big brother gets everything while you don't get anything.


  1. OH, bless his heart! I can totally see how that looks to him! :( I hope he feels better soon!


  2. Hey - be on the lookout for a package today - I sent N one yesterday from amazon but forgot to include a note or anything. [Bright huh?! LOL!].

    Anyway, I hope he enjoys it! Sending him much love and "get well" vibes from the Monkey House!

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Poor Nate! We have a similar situation with Jessica and Nick. Drew is pretty much Grandma V's favorite, though she'd NEVER admit it and he has gotten a lot of special stuff from her that the other two haven't. It's better since the kids have gotten older, but Nick and Jess have handled it well.

    Kim (OH)


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