Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Reconciliation

C made his First Reconciliation today. It was supposed to happen in early February, but one of our priests was ill, and it was pushed back. He attends RE (religious education) at our parish, but we also do RE at home. I couldn't understand why they never had them learn the Act of Contrition during class, or even went over the form of Reconciliation -- but we covered it at home so I was confident he would do just fine.

C was very excited about today, and had been disappointed when it was postponed last month. He knows it is one more sacrament, and one more step to receiving Holy Communion. He has been practicing the Act of Contrition for many months, and had the entire prayer down pat. We had also practiced what would happen and what he was expected to say.

When I picked him up from class this morning, his teacher said "Tell your Mom what Father said!" Apparently, Father said "Are you sure this is your first time? You're like an old pro!" He was beaming with pride.

He couldn't believe that he wasn't able to say his Act of Contrition. They gave the kids a small card with a one-line Act of Contrition prayer and that was the one he was expected to say. He told the priest he knew the full version, but I guess they were pressed for time.

This afternoon, we went out and found him a suit for his First Communion next month. (I'm hoping that it will fit N next year for his First Communion!) We found a nice outfit w/vest and tie for N to wear for Easter & C's First Communion and dress shoes for the both of them. I just need to get C a dress shirt and tie to complete the outfit. He was very pleased with the day.


  1. Congratulations to C for making his first Confession!

  2. The first Communion dress is very important.


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