Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Review: Making Life Better Website

When Mom Central asked if I was interested in learning about Unilever's new website "Making Life Better", I immediately clicked over to the site to check it out. 30 minutes later, I remembered that I needed to let Mom Central know that I would love the chance to share with my readers about this website! There is great information -- including recipes, time saving tricks, and money saving ideas that I have visited regularly over the last month.

One of the first areas of the website I checked out were the recipes. Easter and Passover recipe ideas are featured right now, and I'm planning to make the White Tea Mimosas for Easter brunch this year. Many of the recipes are simple, which is great for getting dinner on the table quickly.

Bob Green wrote an interesting article about eating healthy on a budget in the Health & Vitality section. He wrote about choosing quality over quantity as well as making lunches at home vs. eating out. I know we have recently made more of an effort to make lunches at home to cut our budget and have noticed that we're making healthier choices and saving money.

Visit Making Life Better yourself and browse the sections and articles. I know you'll find something interesting!

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