Sunday, November 23, 2008

Useful Toddler Gifts

I try to give useful gifts, but I think I'm leaning that way even more this year. For toddlers, especially those that aren't the first child and probably have plenty of toys, here are some useful gifts that I own and enjoy!

I first saw a friend using this when we met her for lunch at a local restaurant. I thought it was a neat idea, but I find it even more useful at home. It keeps the table clean around L, and the cupped lip keeps extra food off her lap and the floor. It washes easily, rolls up fairly small, and the suction cups underneath stick to the table with no slipping. For $10-12, I think it's a great value and would make a super gift!

This is probably the most expensive sippy cup you would ever buy. I think it is worth every penny, though! It keeps drinks cold for a long time (even milk) and the one we have has never leaked. It is stainless steel, with BPA-free lid and spout.
L drinks from an open cup when we're home, but I love this option for when we're out. I also love their thermoses that come with a straw. Each of my kids has one, and I'm always amazed at how long drinks stay cold in them.

For the boys, I used inflatable covers for the spout in the tub. When I saw this one by Boon, I was intrigued by the waterfall effect. I love it! The water pours out gently from the faucet, making hair washes much easier. L also likes to stand in the flow and let the water pour across her back. There is an area to add bubble bath, but I'll be honest and say that I never use that, so I don't know how it works.

If you're looking for a gift for a toddler in your life this holiday season, I hope I helped! I bought these items for L, but would have been thrilled to receive any of them as a gift. One thing that I couldn't find a link to are my favorite bibs. They are made of corduroy and have a snap instead of velcro. I don't like the way velcro sticks to everything in the dryer, so I prefer bibs with snaps. Just a thought if you're gifting bibs!

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