Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review: Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

I don't have the opportunity to smell many pine trees living where we do in Arizona. I was fortunate enough this year to receive a fresh evergreen wreath from Wreaths Direct to hang on our front door. When I opened the box, it smelled like Christmas!

The picture to the left is the wreath I received hanging on my front door. You can see how full and large it is, and what a wonderful decoration it makes!

Wreaths Direct is a family-owned company from Oregon. This wonderful Italian-Catholic family has been caring for trees for five generations! The family lives in a farm house built by the family in the 1930's. They care for 500 acres of land full of douglas and fir trees in Oregon.

A brother and sister run the business now, along with help from their young children. The family started making and selling wreaths about 20 years ago, and provide fundraising efforts as well as direct sales.

Denise, one of the owners, shared that the business keeps her busy year round with marketing and planning with a real rush this time of year with sales. It doesn't take away from her being full-time mom to her 4 & 7 year olds, though!

She also shared that she loves "the Pacific NW and loves the legacy our farm and business has created for yet another generation to come."

I know my boys would be excited at the thought of living on a farm, and my N would be beside himself at the thought of all those pinecones! (He collects pinecones, and they are pretty precious to find around here!)

Wreaths Direct offers 24" wreaths as well as 20" table centerpieces. They are absolutely lovely and I am thrilled that one graces our door this year.

You can have one on your door by visiting their website, or calling them at 888-449-9485. You won't be disappointed! These wreaths would also make a wonderful gift! A wreath like the one hanging on my door would be only $29.95.

As a special offer to readers of this blog, you can receive FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING by using the code W0834.

As an extra bonus, if you leave a comment on this post, you will be eligible for 2 different drawings! One commenter on this post will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card, and one commenter from all the blogs participating in this blog tour will receive a gift bag full of goodies. So, leave a comment and share your favorite Christmas decoration!

Many thanks to Wreaths Direct for the beautiful wreath for our home!


  1. My favorite Christmas decoration is a hand painted wooden Santa. My normally very practical husband bought it and gave it to me as a "just because present" to celebrate our first Christmas togeher...awwwwwww.....

  2. It looks beautiful on your door. I love the red ribbon going up from the wreath to your door

  3. stockings are our favorite decorations :)

  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    It does smell good and looks fantastic. Puts me right int he Christmas mood!

  5. My wreath is gorgeous too. I have to take a sniff of it every time I come to my door. :)

  6. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I put mine right next to the front door so I can smell it every time I walk past it :)

  7. these look beautiful! I bet it smells great!

  8. My favorite decoration is a centerpiece I have that is made of tree branches & pinecones.

  9. I like my wreath too! It's very nice and smells like Christmas!:)

  10. The wreaths are beautiful! Nothing like the smell of fresh pine during the holidays.

  11. I love to wrap my porch up in evergreen garlards. The smell is amazing!


  12. beautiful wreath ! love those at this time of year ! thanks for the opp

  13. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I love my wreath too!

  14. I just love the smell of my wreath

    Wasn't this fun?
    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  15. I was lucky enough to be included in this blog tour and I love my wreath too. The smell is wonderful! I almost wanted to hang it inside.

  16. My favorate decoration is an ornament my son made.

  17. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Our wreath is beautiful and smells wonderful - like the Christmases of my childhood! It graces our front door for all of our neighbors to see! My favorite Christmas decorations are the ones from my childhood - mementos, handmade, special keepsakes, and oddly enough, Christmas albums from the 1970s (you know, vinyl records?) and before. My parents played them every Christmas - puts me in the Christmas spirit right away, 30 years later.


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