Thursday, November 13, 2008

All in a working day

One of the reasons I read blogs is because I like to see how other people order / live their days.

In light of those of "what I do" blogs and posts -- here's mine for today.

Today, I had an assignment to train. It was a 3 hour one-on-one session helping someone learn advanced features of Excel. I was happy to have the assignment, and this is how my day looked:

7AM: Wake in a bit of panic because I didn't go to bed until 1AM and was tired, but still needed to review some more so I was well-prepared.

7:15AM: L woke, which meant the hour I thought I was going to have in peace just disappeared. Nursed her, and kissed DH goodbye as he headed off to a training session at work.

7:45AM: Convinced L she was done nursing. Quickly showered with L and made her breakfast.

8:15AM: The boys are awake. Sent them outside to water/feed/play with dog. L refused to go outside with them, which I think was a first.

8:30AM: Boys back inside, I ask them to watch L while I try to finish my prep. They turn on a cartoon and I think all is going fine. L comes into office and wants me to hold her, um, no she wants to crawl on desk. I try to work around her, become frustrated, and ask boys to please help.

9AM: All is quiet and I am furiously scribbling notes and trying to make sure I fully understand things I haven't worked with in 8 years. Thankfully, much is coming back and I have been studying the last few days as well.

9:45AM: Walk into living room to find that L has completely emptied my purse and wallet and everything is strewn from the back door, through the living room and into the boys' bedrooms. Ask the boys why they didn't stop her? They tell me she was quiet. Spend 15 minutes finding important things like drivers license and ATM card.

10AM: Put together lunch for the 3 of them to take to sitter. Pack L's diaper bag with extra clothes, bib, sippy cup, blanket, etc. Pour whole milk into thermos. Pack my bag with manuals, paper, etc. Realize I can't find my phone. Panic a bit.

10:30AM: Find my phone. It was in the car. Load everyone into car and drive to sitter's house.

10:45AM: Arrive at sitter's and unload kids, lunch cooler, diaper bag. Talk briefly with sitter. This is the first time kids are staying with her, but she's been a friend for a few years. She's a homeschooling mom of 5 boys, so I know the kids are in good hands.

10:55AM: On the road to the office. Realize I haven't eaten a thing and forgot to grab my water cup. Hope that traffic is light.

11:35AM: Arrive at office and make sure everything is ready for student. Check on computer files, talk with owner, verify certificate is ready, check my email, talk with salesperson who scheduled this class.

Noon: Student arrives. Spend next 3 hours helping her learn new features of Excel and refreshing things she knew before but hasn't done in a while. Session goes very well and student is happy.

3:05PM: Student leaves. I clean room, delete files, make sure all is neat. Talk briefly with staff and head out door. Call sitter and hear that everyone did just fine.

3:10PM: Hit traffic. Lots of traffic. Looks like a big accident ahead.

3:55PM: Am finally about 2 miles from sitter. Realize I have no cash to pay her. Stop at store to get cash.

4PM: Arrive and pick up kids. L actually napped and is still asleep (I had no idea how this would work, since she's never napped anyplace but at home. Apparently, she had no problem at all!) Talk briefly with sitter, but she has piano student coming at any moment so whisk kids out of there.

4:05PM: Stop at grocery store and pick up some fresh chicken nuggets and deli mac and cheese for dinner.

4:45PM: Arrive home. Send kids out back to care for dog. Heat up dinner and set table.

5:15PM: Kids come in, wash up, and sit down to eat. I read chapter from Redwall.

5:45PM: We all go back outside and I push L in the swing. She loves loves loves to swing.

6:15PM: DH arrives home. Chat with him briefly. Go into office to work on a writing assignment.

7PM: Send oldest to the bath. Give youngest a bath. Feel grateful we have 2 tubs. Put pjs on youngest and hope to nurse her to sleep.

7:30PM: Put L to bed, encourage N to bathe, work on another writing assignment.

8PM: L wakes up and cries and cries. DH gets her up. I clean the kitchen. Tuck boys into bed. Read email and a few blogs.

9PM: Sit with DH and watch a tv show. Nurse L again.

9:30PM: Put L back to bed.

10PM: Go out to hot tub with DH and relax.

10:30PM: Write this post, read a few more blogs. Wrap presents for C's birthday tomorrow.

11PM: Into bed!

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