Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spaghetti Sauce, Again

A month or so ago I used up the last of my batch of spaghetti sauce. Around the same time, I was able to buy a jar of sauce for $2.00, so I bought it to tide us over until I made another batch. We had it a week ago, and everyone mentioned how much better mine was.

Today, I stocked up on cans of sauce and will be filling the house with the wonderful aroma of spaghetti sauce again. I think this time I'll throw in some rosemary sprigs from our plant out front. I'm also making it with ground italian sausage instead of ground beef. Wouldn't you like to come over for dinner :)

I also shopped today for Thanksgiving, finally! I couldn't believe that a can of pumpkin was $2.99, while a pre-made pie from the bakery was $2.89. I stopped at another store later that day, and found a can for .99, which seemed much more reasonable.

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