Monday, November 24, 2008

Advent Lapbook

3 years ago, I took a class on lapbooks and was very excited. I bought some books and materials . . . and then the stuff sat in my cabinet because my boys really weren't old enough to create lapbooks.

This morning, one of my friends on facebook linked to this lapbook -- Advent Lapbook -- and I knew that my boys were now old enough so I ordered it.

I've just taken a few minutes to go through the materials, and I'm very excited to print everything out and have the boys get started making their own lapbooks for Advent this year. It includes so much information about the season! Things like feast days and prayers and plenty of space for their own writing. She includes both colored pages and blank ones if the kids like to color their own (mine do!) There are 84 pages of information to create this lapbook -- so you know there is plenty to do over the 4 weeks of Advent!

The file is a downloadable .pdf file, so I don't have to wait for shipping. The checkout process through paypal was easy and the download link was in my email inbox before I could click back over.

I was trying to find a project for this season, and am so glad this popped up for me today! I will post pictures of their progress as we get started.

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