Monday, November 03, 2008

Money Saving Monday #4

I go through phases where I stock my pantry and freezer to the max. Sometimes it's because there are great sales, other times it's because we have a little extra money and I like looking at a full pantry.

My tip for today is to shop from your pantry and freezer this week instead of going to the grocery store. Chances are that you can create a week's worth of meals from the things you have on hand. It will stretch your creativity as well!

If you're like me, you'll still have to go to the store to buy milk (we go through 2-3 gallons/week!) and bread -- but don't buy anything else! You could take the money you've saved and put it away for the upcoming holidays.


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    i was a good girl, i made 4 loaves of bread today to cut down on our grocery shopping. The recipe is so simple that i don't mind making fresh bread two or even three times a week. I give some away to mum and dad too because they give us so much in other ways. My freezer needs a restock, but i would say that your advice is good advice. So many times we just get into the habit of shopping for groceries even when we have produce in at home. And then of course, we get tempted to buy things we never intended to buy in the first place and come home having spent much more than we planned to :-(

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I totally agree to this! many times I go to the store out of habit without looking at what's in the fridge already so rebuy some things and then as mentioned by things we don't need like junk food and next thing you know I've spent a bundle unneccessarily.


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