Friday, July 25, 2008


"Snacktivate!" sounds like something a cartoon character would yell before changing into a superhero! LOL! It's actually Kellogg's program to help families create healthy snacks.

Through Mom Central, Kellogg's sent us 2 boxes of frosted mini-wheat cereal and a really neat to-go cereal cup. The idea was that we would use the cereal to try out some of the fun recipes they have posted on their site. To my surprise, my boys decided they LOVED frosted mini-wheats (who knew? not me, since I had never purchased it before!) and ate them up greedily for breakfast and after-pool snacks.

I loved the ideas they presented about snacking well, especially since it dovetails well with my thoughts about snacking. Snacking is a great way to ensure you have steady energy throughout the day and get all the necessary nutrients. We try to have healthy snack options, and limit sugary treats to special times. We clearly define snacks vs. treats and they are NOT the same thing in our house. Check out their site for other fun ideas and great recipes.

Even though the kids ate up the 2 boxes we received in the mail, I will buy it again to try out the sunflower cookie recipe. I had already purchased the cookie/lollipop sticks!

Thanks to Mom Central and Kelloggs for including us in this blog tour!

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