Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hey, remember those children's books I've been talking about for over a year? And how I needed to get them organized?

WELL, I'm about 75% done with that project. Wooo Hoooo!!!!!

I emptied the kid bookshelves (3 of them) and did a pretty good job of sorting them into categories again and removing books that I really didn't want to ever read again. I ended up with a large box of books to get rid of.

Then, I went through 4 more bookshelves of miscellaneous books and got rid of 2 more big boxes of books so I could free up some room on those shelves. B had a short day yesterday, so we lugged the boxes to Bookmans (where they only purchased SIX books for a whopping total of $16.00 in TRADE . . . ugh, much worse than last time one box garnered me $65.00 in trade. I think they were too busy yesterday.) We then lugged the remaining books over to Half-Price Books and they took them all for $24.00 in cash. At least we didn't have to bring any books home! They even kept the boxes. At a rough guess, we got rid of about 120 books.

I still have books stashed in various places around the house, so I need to gather them all together and put them on shelves. I also have to reorganize the other shelves so my categories are together again.

I was so gung-ho when I got started, but now that I can clearly see the end, I'm suddenly not interested in finishing. What's up with that?

Well, DH is home, so he can wrangle the toddler, and I really should finish this project. Do you organize your bookshelves by categories? Or am I just kooky? With the very large number of books in our home, it makes it easier to find books, though.

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  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Very loose categories, actually. I have a bookshelf of spiritual/Catholic books and a bookshelf of my fiction and a bookshelf of Rob's sports stuff and Roc has his own bookshelf. Then there's also a bookshelf with a million videos in it....

    Nice to get to the bottom of projects though, isn't it!


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