Thursday, July 31, 2008

Health Tracker

Have you ever visited One of my goals in my 40th year is to become healthier. This site is packed with useful information for anyone and their journey to good health!

I have been poking around their site the last couple weeks and have been using their Health Tracker feature. It's completely free, and allows you to track your food intake, activity level, and even your mood!

We went to lunch today at PeiWei (one of my favorite places to dine!) and it was so simple to add the custom foods to my health tracker. I downloaded the nutritional information from PeiWei's website and input my lunch into Prevention's health tracker.

My favorite thing to eat there are the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls. The salad rolls themselves are a pretty healthy choice, but I didn't realize how many calories (and how much sugar!) was in the sauces served with them! Even figuring that I ate 1/2 the sauces and a fortune cookie, my total calorie intake was about 450 calories.

The only additional thing I wish the health tracker tracked is sugar grams. I have a sneaking feeling that I'm on the verge of developing diabetes and I'd like to keep a good handle on my sugar intake.

I got the entire family up and out of the house this morning for a walk, back home for a swim, and I'm going to try and keep it up again! I let the heat chase me indoors this summer, but even though it's still hot outside, I need to get exercising again! I'll be 41 in just a few short months and I want to be in better shape than I was when I turned 40!

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