Wednesday, July 16, 2008

busy week

This week is shaping up to be a very busy week! On top of normal household things, we've had many outside commitments:

Monday - same old thing
Tuesday - boys had cooking class in the AM, cartooning class in the PM
Wednesday - I'm tutoring in the AM, cartooning class in the PM, have to pick up the truck and drop off the rental sometime in there
Thursday - N's well-child-visit in the AM, cartooning class in the PM
Friday - I'm tutoring in the AM, cartooning class in the PM

Between distance and price of gas, when the boys are in class, L and I just hang out where the class is being held. We're not home long enough for her to nap at home, and she won't nap in her stroller (heck, she will barely sit in her stroller these days!)

In between all of the running, I still need to do laundry, cooking, cleaning and all the rest that goes into a household of 5 people. I realize I've been a bit spoiled the last few months being a homebody!

On the plus side, the boys LOVE the cartooning class so far and it's held in the children's museum which has a great play area for babies/toddlers. The tutoring gives me a little extra money which is very welcome, and I enjoy the young girl I'm helping. I've been working on routines and that has helped keep things moving along this week without falling apart.

It's also helping me get ready for the fall -- when we'll be pretty darn busy all the time again. Between sports, classes and various other commitments, I imagine days at home will be few and far between. It just reinforces that I need to get our routines manageable in the next few weeks before the full frenzy of fall kicks in.

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