Tuesday, June 17, 2008

weird things I've learned from the internet

A few months ago, a popular meme was the "8 Random Weird Things" meme. I read a couple that stated the writer shaved their legs every day. I thought "WHO has time to shave their legs every day??" I was lucky to shave my legs once a month!

Then, I read someone who elaborated a bit -- she shaved her legs every day, so it didn't matter if she did a great job or not. If she missed a spot, she'd get it the next day. Suddenly, it started making more sense to me.

I've been shaving my legs daily now for 2 months. I have to admit -- I love it! My legs are always smooth and it really only takes an extra minute or 2 in the shower each morning. I'm not embarrassed to wear skirts or shorts (or my swimsuit!) because it's been too long between shaves.

I originally committed to shaving from ankle to knee, but quickly learned that shaving from ankle to thigh really didn't take much longer. I have missed a day here and there, but it's easy and quick to hop back on the bandwagon!

It's just another of those strange, quirky things I've learned from reading blogs that have made my life a little simpler!


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Now there's an idea! I think I'll try that - but I'll have to get another razor - hate to say it, but I just grab Rob's usually out of his dop-kit. He only uses it for his cheek area - since he has a full beard...

    Hmmmmm....but, then there's the hair accumulation in the tub thing - or is that not a problem?

    I hate cleaning the tub! Which is what I'm in the middle of right now...

    I'm spraying industrial strength grout and tile cleaner on it --- so much mildew in the grout!

  2. How interesting. I'm going to have to try that. Thanks for the idea.


  3. Alexa, I shave in the shower, and don't notice a problem with hair, so I'm not sure about in the bathtub. However, the hair is so much shorter, I kinda doubt it'd be an issue!


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