Wednesday, June 18, 2008

stolen truck

My husband walked out of his sales appointment around 9PM tonight to discover that his truck was stolen, leaving him stranded in a rather dicey neighborhood far from home. Thankfully, the homeowners were kind people who allowed him to wait for the police, and then gave him a ride 1/2 way to our home.

The police told him that the chances of finding our truck are almost zero. Unless some kids took it to joyride, it's either already being chopped up for parts, or on the way over the border. While the loss of the vehicle (the vehicle with a big loan still outstanding) is difficult, worse for DH is all the cool stuff he had in his truck. Things like his PSP, his Ipod, 2 different GPS units, a digital camera . . . and more, much more. Things that are covered up to $250 under our insurance. Things that will cost over $4000 to replace. Some were luxuries (the PSP, the Ipod), others are necessary things for his job (the GPS, the digital camera). All were owned by us -- and even though many are necessary for his employment -- his employer will not help us replace any of it.

Insurance will pay current market value in our area for the vehicle. Did you know that pickup trucks have very low value right now because of gas prices? Chances are pretty good that we're upside down in the loan, which means we'll have to continue paying on a truck that we don't even have the use of. We can only hope that it isn't TOO many months.

Since DH drives all over the state for his job, every day, his vehicle was like a 2nd home to him. He did have a lot in the vehicle, to make his days go by easier. We do have another vehicle, but it doesn't have air conditioning (necessary when the temperature is over 100) and the brakes are mushy. Obviously, it needs to be repaired. Maybe I'll find a box of money under the bed later tonight.

I'm grateful my husband is okay and that the only thing lost is things. Things can be replaced. It hurts, and we'll struggle even more, but he's okay.

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  1. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Well doggone it! You guys are just being dumped on right and left!

    This calls for major prayers - which are coming immediately!

    Geesh. I'm so sorry to hear this, Melanie...


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