Tuesday, June 24, 2008

saw our truck

DH & I were able to take a look at our truck yesterday at the collision shop. It was emptied of all the contents (well, except for a set of old jumper cables, LOL) and there was about $5,000 worth of damage done to it. Apparently, Dodge Rams are pretty easy to break into! The adjuster showed us the small dent by the door handle where they jimmy something there to pop the lock.

It could have been worse, and we're grateful that it can be repaired and that we have insurance. The boys are upset about the loss and are angry that someone would take our things that DH has worked so hard for. We're upset as well, but maybe we're just more resigned about the situation.

We rented a Toyota Prius and that's been a good experience! It's too small to become our family car, but it's been great for DH to drive for work until the truck is repaired. I was worried that it wouldn't drive well on the freeway, but it drives just fine! If we had the extra money, we'd consider getting one for his work vehicle. Gas mileage is about 45 mpg! The trunk is a good size and it's comfortable to ride in. They say it's a 5 passenger vehicle, but I can't imagine the kids would be very comfortable in the back seat - especially with L's car seat.

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  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    i'm only just catching up on my blog reading, so gosh i'm so sorry that your all had to endure this inconvenience and abuse of your privacy and your goods.

    Glad the truck can be fixed, hopefully you are covered for what got stolen too.



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