Friday, June 20, 2008

July Projects

Oh, my! Someone doing a search linked to this post and I just re-read my to-do list of projects for last July. I am embarrassed to realize that I barely made a dent in that list during the last YEAR and I thought I'd get to all of them in the month of July! LOLOLOLOLOL

The boys' bedrooms, living room, kitchen and front door DID get painted. The hallway and 2nd bath have not been painted yet.

We still have the same area rug in the living room. It was steam cleaned, though.

The homeschooling cabinets are too high for me to use comfortably and they still haven't been moved since we haven't painted the hallway. The desk in the hallway was cleared off, but it's a pile of stuff again.

The kitchen cabinets still need to be de-cluttered. I did a couple cabinets and a couple drawers, but more can be done in there.

I haven't touched my CD project since I was pregnant.

TODAY I threw a bunch of towels into a box. More needs to be removed from the linen closet. For some reason I have enough towels for a football team. I'm going to pare it down so that we have 2 towels per person. Maybe 3. We really don't need more!

I do have plants in both planters by my front door. A rosemary bush, and an oregano plant that needs watering.

The children's books have multiplied and still aren't organized. UGH.

I haven't touched my home management binder since last summer. The recent theft has me regretting that, but hopefully I'll find the desire to work on that project again.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but maybe it'll motivate me to get on the ball! There are more things that need to be added, like:

Cull clothes that no longer fit the boys or L and find NEW HOMES for them. I'm not saving any more children's clothes! I found 4 big bins of clothes the boys wore in their toddler years and about 6 pieces that will be appropriate for L to wear.

Clean out our office so it can become a bedroom for L. This is a huge project and I think I will just start filling garbage bags and hope I don't throw out anything of too much importance.

That's enough or I'll just depress myself!

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