Thursday, June 26, 2008

linen closet

Hmmm, how many towels does YOUR family need?

I had the boys empty the linen closet onto the living room floor and I ruthlessly culled towels that were faded or frayed. I folded the remaining and replaced them in the linen closet and it looks very nice! I still think I have too many hand towels . . . and I probably have too many bath towels as well since I haven't done towel laundry this week.

I'm trying to decide how many towels a family of five needs. We do re-use towels when we've been out in the pool and after baths. I think I should have a few extra for people who visit and swim in our pool. I like to do towel laundry once a week.

I know we had too many towels, but I'm not sure how many is appropriate for our family. I keep hand towels, washcloths, bath towels, swim towels and the boys' sheets in our linen closet. We only have one linen closet, and it's pretty small. I'm thinking three bath towels per person, per week should be plenty. That's 15 bath towels! I kept 12 hand towels, but I'm thinking I only need four, maybe six.

There are 9 bath/swim towels in the linen closet right now, and once I do the towel laundry tomorrow I'll know how many we have. I may keep a few extra, but place them under the sink as extras for pool guests.

How many towels do YOU have? Do you know? Are they matched? We have a few matching sets, but there's no overall theme.


  1. We have about 18 bath towels, 6 wash cloths (definitely not enough, in my opinion), 6 hand towels and 4 swimming towels (we are getting two more next paycheck for the boys to have new ones for the beach this summer). I hesitate to get rid of any of the bath towels, even though we have so many because, with boys, it seems there is always some BIG spill I'm cleaning up and often, the bath towels are the smart choice for clean up (yeah, the spill that much, ::sigh::). Ideally, I'd like 4 more wash cloths and 4 more swimming towels. We have two linen closets (one in dh & my bathroom and one in the hall), so space is not really an issue.

  2. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I transformed our linen closet in the hallway to a locked medicine chest/toiletries department. I keep, therefore, all the towels split between underneath Rocky's bathroom counter and our bathroom counter. None of them match unless it's by accident. Oh. Wait. That's not true. I have a set that match and are hanging up in his newly painted bathroom - and are not to be used. Yet. I have a towel stand that sits on the top of his counter where he can grab to dry his face each night. I give him a fresh bath towel when he takes a bath and he'll use it for about 3 baths - but he doesn't bathe every night.

    Rob and I use the same bath towel for as long as a week. Ew? I never thought so. I try to wash it every five days or so - but don't always think to.

    I also just wash the towels in with the rest of the laundry.

    I have no idea how many towels we have - but WAY more than we use.

    By the way - I mailed a card to you two weeks ago today - I'm hoping you'll get it soon if you haven't already! Please let me know! Thanks.

    God bless,


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