Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review: Wii Fit

Yes, we caved to the hype. I decided that Wii Fit cost less than one month's family membership to the gym, so we should try it out. We have had it for a month now, and I have to tell you -- it is fun!

Everyone in the family plays it -- including my sister (who whoops my butt on everything except yoga) and my father (who liked it so much that my mom purchased a Wii and Wii Fit for him for Father's Day.)

It's fun, it's varied and the competition between us all is hilarious. The boys prefer the balance games because they are games. I like the aerobics and yoga portions because I am using it as an exercise tool. I think DH does the strength portion, but I have only done a few exercises in that portion (mainly because I'm a wimp!)

As you play more, additional games are unlocked. Boxing is fun, and can help release some aggression. I try to balance my activity between actual exercise and the fun games. The step program in the aerobic section cracks me up because it looks like you're doing a step routine on a stage in front of an audience!

I like how the balance board tracks your center. I lean to my right quite a bit due to an old ankle injury and I like seeing that I'm actually working towards maintaining a balance between left and right.

The gym is boring where the strength and yoga exercises are led by a trainer. I think they could have livened up the rooms and made it more visually appealing. The graphics in other sections are better, but nothing like a realistic PSP or XBox game.

The tracking portion isn't quite as handy as I thought it would be. When you weigh yourself, it tells you what your BMI is, and the boys are upset that I'm not "normal." Yea, me too boys! I really don't need to hear the chirpy voice tell me I'm obese every time I start up.

I also wish I could speed things along and not have to listen to the same thing or wait through the same graphics to get back to actual movement. It makes it impossible to flow through a yoga routine, for instance, because of the long pauses between each move. I wish I could choose 5 moves to go through and create my own routine. I wish this was possible in more places as well -- kinda like you can create a circuit in the Olympics game.

All that being said, I do think it was worth the $90 we spent on it, just for the fun of competition between us all.

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