Monday, March 31, 2008


Thank you for your prayers for my MIL. We looked at it every which way, prayed about it, and then I found an amazing deal for airfare and a rental car. We're going as a family and everyone is glad that we found a way. The airfare and rental car will cost about the same as gas, lodging and food would have cost us to drive -- PLUS, we can spend more time visiting and much less time traveling. Since DH has no paid vacation, and things have been so dicey lately financially, we're grateful that this means we can also cut down on the number of days he will have to miss work.

I don't know my MIL very well, but her serious illness has hit me hard. She's 64 years old, and it has upset me greatly thinking that L will be 24 years old when I'm 64! Obviously, I knew the math -- but it has scared me this week thinking I may leave her without a mother that young. (And, of course, my boys as well. C & N will just be in their 30's.)

There's a few things I can do. Watch my health and take care of myself, obviously. Figure out a way to earn some money to ensure we're able to care for ourselves as we get older -- just surviving is too stressful, and the cost of medical care is only increasing. Work on creating some sort of written legacy for my family -- I want them to know who I am and what I believe in. I don't want that to get lost and I'm terrified that it might.

DH's mom was told 3-6 months, and wasn't told the doctor's revised estimate of 2 weeks - 2 months. She has nothing to leave but her stories, and she's trying to tell them now. I am glad we're able to see her soon, and I'm glad my boys will hear some of her stories for themselves.


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I've thought of the math too, Melanie. Many times. I'm in the same boat - I'll be 61 when Roc graduates from high school... Fortunately Rob will "only be" 57.

    But, my mom is 77 and my dad is 76... my grandmothers on both sides lived long lives - and so, there's hope.

    I worry because of how distant we live from both sides of Roc's family - AND he's virtually an only child -- George will be 36 when Roc graduates from high school - in a way, that's good though - he'll be like a parent, more than a brother --- although, I'm not sure I want him to PARENT Rocky! LOL

    Anyhow, I'm sitting here pensively eating some Easter candy...

    slap my hand!

    Oh - I remembered your MIL at the Divine Mercy Sunday Holy Hour - and your whole family.

  2. Melanie, I'm so sorry your MIL is dealing with this. Thank goodness you were able to get a good air fare to fly [driving with kids, to me, is just a nightmare!].

    I know what you mean - my youngest [so far] will be 21 when I turn 60. But I figure it all works out to the best anyway - if I had had these children in my early 20s, I was such a mess and so....stupid. LOL! They have definitely benefited from an older and wiser mom, you know? [at least in my case!].

    And hey, who knows what life expectancy may be when we are 60? There are so many advances in health care every day, 60 might be the new "40" by the time we get there. ;)

    God bless you and protect you on your trip!



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