Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Review: Green Works Cleaning Products

Thanks to Clorox and Mom Central, I received 2 bottles of Clorox's new natural cleaners to try out around our house. I received a spray bottle of Green Works Glass & Surface Cleaner, and a spray bottle of Green Works All Purpose Cleaner.

We have a large glass patio door that we recently removed the blinds from. This means that I am cleaning it more than ever! (Well, actually, I often make the boys clean it since it's usually their fingers that have smudged it.) This glass cleaner works great and has a nice lemon-y smell. It cleaned as well as any other cleaner we use -- without harsh chemicals, or me mixing up vinegar and water!

I really like that these products are 99% natural. They are made with almost all natural ingredients -- a coconut-based cleaning agent, lemon oil, corn-based ethanol and filtered water. Everything is biodegradable, so I'm not adding to pollution by using the products.

Our kitchen island is the place where we school, craft, and eat. It needs to be wiped down multiple times a day! The all-purpose cleaner did a nice job cleaning up after stray pencil marks, glue and spilled milk. Did I already mention I like the scent? It's light and fresh and pleasant.

For windows and mirrors, the glass cleaner worked great! I was also happy with the all-purpose cleaner. In addition to the kitchen island, I used it to clean the boys' plastic picnic table and to clean smudges off our inside doors.

These products do not have disinfectant properties, but the information on the website said they were working on possible solutions. For basic cleaning, I think they are a great new product. I'm sure that I'll buy more when these bottles run out!

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  1. Hey, thanks for this recommendation! I'd love to try this too.



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