Monday, March 03, 2008

start of week

DH left early yesterday morning for Miami, on his way to the cruise ship. I determined that since he's off vacationing, we would declare this week our "spring break" and take a break from schooling!

Yesterday, we headed out to the Riparian Preserve near our home. It's a place I discovered last week, and I can't believe I never knew about it before! It's very peaceful and has tons of opportunities for bird-watching, nature journaling, and just quiet relaxation. N thoroughly enjoyed sitting by the side of the lake and quietly watching the birds. My sister came along with us, and we had a great afternoon.

I told N that he could decide what we did today. His first idea was that we should go to Disneyland! I had to let him down, and give some parameters to potential plans. I told him that we could do anything he wanted -- provided it didn't cost us anything. Since we have memberships to a number of places, this isn't as limiting as it might sound! Our weather is also beautiful right now (sunny and 70's), so that opens up more possibilities.

He thought about it for a while and declared that he would like to have a painting day! I agreed and told him I thought that was a great idea!

Early this morning he woke and I fed him breakfast. I laid out a cloth on our island, brought out the paints, paper, and brushes and he took off! About an hour later C woke and joined him. They painted all morning and our patio is covered with masterpieces at the moment!

They're taking a break to play ball, but they have informed me that they'll be back to paint more after lunch.

Tomorrow, C will decide what we do for the day. I'm curious to find out what he'll choose!

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