Saturday, March 01, 2008

special intention prayer request

If you read this, could I ask that you say this quick prayer for a very special (and urgent) intention that my family has? St. Gerard has been our family's patron saint for many years.

thank you ;)

Almighty and loving Father, I thank you for giving St. Gerard to us as a most appealing model and powerful friend. By his example, he showed us how to love and trust you. You have showered many blessings on those who call upon him. For your greater glory and my welfare, please grant me the favors which I ask in his name.

(Here mention them privately)

And you, my powerful patron, intercede for me before the throne of God. Draw near to that throne and do not leave it until you have been heard. O good saint, to you I address my feverent prayers; graciously accept them and let me experience in some way the effects of your powerful intercession. Amen.


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I have prayed the above prayer for your intentions.

    God Bless you!

  2. Prayed for your intentions. :o)



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