Saturday, March 08, 2008

sweet sounds

My honey bunny is back in the U.S. tomorrow! He has had a fun time on the cruise with his friends and co-workers, but he is as eager to be back in our home as we are eager to have him back!

I will miss the sweet emails he has been sending, but it will be wonderful to have him back home and be able to TALK to him! Although, I do confess we did talk while he was gone even though we knew it would cost $2.49/minute. We talked only briefly, but it was such a sweet sound to hear his voice.

We usually talk every few hours during our days, and I depend on him as my sounding board, my friend, my lover. It has been difficult this week not having that easy access to him. He won't be home until late tomorrow night, but we will be able to TALK on the phone all we want (well, except when he's in the air.)

It's been tough, too, juggling the needs of all three children by myself for the entire week. I think everyone got slighted - more than usual - and that hurt my mama heart. I'm glad their dad will be back to help balance things out, and I have appreciation for single parents who are always doing it on their own!

The boys are beside themselves with anticipation for his return, and we're wondering if L will have a bit of stranger fear at first. I know she will be annoyed that she no longer has free roam of 3/4 of the bed! LOL! She sleeps like a starfish - every limb spread out wide.

I can't wait for him to get home. But I will!

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